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Local Realty Group Unveils Little Library in West Montgomery

By July 16, 2022September 2nd, 2022No Comments

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A Montgomery realty group has added its fourth little library in the city.

Kelly Realty, LLC unveiled a little library at Uncle John’s Pathway House on Council Street Friday morning.

Jeremy Kelly of Kelly Realty said the intention of the free little library is to expose kids to the outer world through reading. Kelly says the free library also serves as an incentive to get kids to read more.

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Jeremy Kelly of Kelly Realty unveils the new little library on Council Street/Source: Alabama News Network

“We believe that one book has the potential to radically transform a life.  So we strategically plant these resources in under-served areas an intentionally fill them with books on financial literacy, black history, computer coding, biographers, and other topics,” said Kelly.

Kelly’s goal is to continue placing little libraries in under-served neighborhoods throughout Montgomery,

A Little Free Library is a “Take A Book, Return A Book” free book exchange, which means anyone may take a book or bring a book to share.

The free books are available 24/7 and are housed in a waterproof unlock box.