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Why do I need an agent when selling a home?

By April 4, 2019No Comments

When you decide to sell your home, you can do it on your own or use the help of an experienced REALTOR.  Many aspects go into the process of selling a home.  Precisely, you need to decide on how to set the price of your home; recognize what the market conditions are; know what your opposition is; decide on how you want to market your home or get the word out that you are now in the marketplace; know what to do to get your home ready for the marketplace.  After it is on the marketplace, you need to be available to show the property – do you want to be at any and all showings; set your marketing schedule; keep your home in a presentable condition; be available on weekends for an open house; take calls at all times from people wanting to view the home.  Upon getting an offer, will you accept the first offer that you get; if so, how will the inspections be done? Is the potential buyer able to finance the home?  Who will negotiate any changes proposed by you or the buyer?  When will you close on the property?  How and where will you close – through an attorney, a title company, or other option?  When will the buyer obtain possession of the home?  Will you have any liabilities for the property after you close?  A licensed REALTOR is a professional who can help you through this maze of buying or selling property.